If you are having issues with negative energies or entities in your life such as astral influences or demons etc I can help.  It’s a little known fact that we are surrounded by negative energies that can, and often does influence us daily, and that demons do actually exist.  The Catholic church does exorcisms to this day. They are real on this plane of existence and they often interfere with our spiritual growth or try to sway us using various means in order to keep the “status quo”.

These energies were never meant to exist when the original plan for creation was set into motion, but over time because this realm was created for us to create, they were created by humanity from our very thoughts.  As it was told to me in Oneness, “It was never intended to be this way, it is My Will that you know who and what you are, and create your lives in joy.”, 

As a result of what we unknowingly have done (and continue to do), we are now faced with something that was never intended to be, and now it is up to us to heal this realm, and to basically un-create what we have done.  Some of the testimonials I have received are for this very thing.

I’ve worked with Archangel Michael for over 15 years clearing people’s homes and  removing the influence of demons from their bodies and their homes, so if you need help please contact me to set up an appointment.