John Michael Christian

Spiritual Awakening

Discovering who and what you are is the greatest gift
you can give to yourself and to the world


Who is it that experiences life?

In my ebook “Living In The Body of God” I tell the story of the third Spiritual Awakening I experienced, during which Spirit spoke to me and said:

“It was never intended to be this way, it is My Will that you know who and what you are, and that you create your lives in Joy.” 

That brief statement told me exactly why we lie, cheat and steal.. why we kill each other, and why we’re destroying our planet. The reason is because we have forgotten that we are Divine Beings of Light and are aspects of God in Creation.  Over several millennia we have become lost in our mind/ego and our stories, and it was never intended by God for things to be this way.


“Know ye not that ye are gods?”


When I realized what I was being told was the reason for all of the suffering on the planet today, I knew the answer to the problems and issues we  experience in our lives and in the world lay in reclaiming what we originally lost.. the direct experience of our Divinity. 

I also realized that this is why I have had such a passion to find the Truth and to Awaken for nearly my entire life.  God is waking up humanity.  We are coming to know consciously once again who, and what we are so that what was originally intended can be restored. 


The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is being restored.


We are discovering, one by one that we are NOT victims, nor are we small or helpless.  We are part of God.  We are all aspects of God in Creatino, and we live in what was told to me during my first spiritual awakening is “The Body of God”.  The whole of humanity has become lost in the ego and in stories, and it has caused us to become rooted in the belief of separation and the need to survive.  

But none of this is necessary.  In fact, it is in direct conflict with Life Itself.  You are love, light, peace and Joy.  This is your very nature.  We are in fact all One Being.  The many making up The One.


“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain,
‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt
in their heart but believes that what they say will happen,
it will be done for them.”
– Jesus



When we know, really know in the deepest part of our being, that we are an aspect of God in Creation, that WE are creating our reality, and that the Universe responds to our EVERY thought and emotion and CREATES your world from that energy, we gain the power that is already within us to change our reality, and to change the world. 

But more importantly, when you experience this profound peace and stillness, life begins to happen intuitively as if by magic.  Life arises from within as a function of our Being in the world, and when It does, we become able to fulfill our mission and function on the planet because we come into alignment with our Divine Purpose.

Most people who want to awaken go about trying to “fix” themselves in some way or another, but the reality is that there is actually nothing whatsoever to “fix” or to heal.  All of the issues we believe we have, for one thing are an illusion, and for another, are actually provide our doorway to joy and freedom.


Awakening The Self Awakens The World


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Namaste, Love and Blessings,

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